Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Family Loyalty

It's been a long (and not exactly hot) summer, and I've been diverted from blogging by one or two minor things that have kept me away from my keyboard.

The first was a move of house. That's right - Blunt Mansions is no more. In an economy drive brought on by the combination of hitting pension age at the same time as savings rates have plummeted to paltry levels, I've relocated the Blunt archives to a new home.

On its own, that wouldn't be enough to silence my pen. But sometime in July, I also got the call from young Ed Miliband, asking if I'd bolster up his campaign for Labour leader by writing a few articles in support. Apparently, his young staffers had identified that I was still a powerful opinion former amongst the crucial union electorate.

I must confess I've followed the Miliband family for a number of years. Their father Ralph wrote key textbooks on Marxist sociology, David and Ed entered Labour politics, and their more obscure uncles Steve and Glenn pursued reasonably successful careers in music.

I'm pleased to say that my tireless work writing articles for the member journals of The Society of Chiropodists and Podiatrists, The Community and District Nurses Association and The Association of Flight Attendants may have been just enough to swing the vote for Ed.

He's still a mere youngster, who looks like he's got to grow into his suit, but when he does I've no doubt he'll be a powerful adversary for Cameron and Clegg.