Monday, 19 May 2008

Endorse and Be Damned!

Older readers of my blog (by which I don't necessarily mean the more geriatric amongst you) will recall how I have sometimes pointed those who drop by here in the direction of a good bargain.

I've never been one to needlessly fritter away money on expensive food and beverages - not so long as there are expensive wines, women and other such diversions to soak up my cash. 'Look after the pennies, and you'll have more to spend on the finer things in life' is a motto that has guided me down the years.

So, when I endorse a product, it's not because I expect recompense. It's because I recognise its intrinsic worth. That's why I was so keen, just recently, to flag up one or two purchases I had made at my local branch of Sainsburys.

I've already written about how my decision to highlight the good value of Dove's Farm Organic Wholemeal Flour came back to bite me, here.

Now, I find that just weeks after pointing readers in the direction of Sainsburys Basics Ground Coffee, the company has chosen to up the price by over 25% Previously available for just 79p, this week I had to pay £1.06 for the same product.

It's the curse of Bill Blunt, and it spells, I'm afraid, the end of any further product endorsement by me. No sooner do I seem to find a bargain than the greedy supermarket barons rush to capitalise on my celebrity recommendation. Well, it won't happen again. I'll be keeping my counsel in the future.

It's a brave man that accuses Bill Blunt of chagrin, but it seems my readiness to spill the beans (so to speak) on cheap coffee has unwittingly led me to have to pay an extra £20 per annum on the stuff. There's something wrong here, surely!


the food inspector said...

Am I considered aged and decrepit for reading Blunty Man!?

Maybe you could start exercising your pragmatic yet sonorous power with the gas prices here in the states...

That would be nice... seriously.

Theresa H. Hall said...

Bill, The price of oil is up and it has a harsh trickle down effect on everything.

70steen said...

yep harsh times ahead... just typical of me to chose to take a huge pay cut

Bill Blunt said...

Age shall not wither us, food inspector.

As for those rising gas (or petrol, as we insist on calling it in the UK) prices, Theresa ... how would you like to pay almost $10 a gallon?

And 70steen, your decision may well yet prove to be a wise one!

Lord Likely said...

Maybe if Mr. Sainsbury spent less money on using Mr. J. Oliver to whore his goods, then maybe your coffee would still be reasonably priced.

The solution? Behead Jamie Oliver IMMEDIATELY.