Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

Those who have known Bill Blunt a good while will know he’s not a man whose endorsement is easily bought. As a columnist at the Stockport Sentinel, I built my reputation for impartiality by never being swayed by a freebie.

That’s why I was sceptical (to say the least) when - courtesy of those fine people, Kevin and Sylvie, at FMB – I was asked to ‘test-drive’ the new Azor shaving system by King of Shaves.

I have always had something of a professional interest in shaving equipment, anyway. I rarely trumpet the fact that my grandfather lost thousands of pounds in an ill-fated venture to design and market the perfect razor blade. As a project, it went well-enough, until he took it to market, that is. Lady Retrospect is a harsh woman, I know, but he’d have saved himself a few bob if he’d realised that promoting Blunt Razors was always going to be something of an uphill battle.

The Azor media pack, when it arrived yesterday, was initially impressive. Less so when my ageing laptop couldn’t access the free CD that came with it. Would it be churlish to expect King of Shaves to send out a high spec laptop just to let me view their images and logos? I think not. As it is, the web already has images aplenty for me to look at.

Well, what’s different about the Azor? As a British contender against the might of multi-nationals Gillette and Wilkinson Sword, it certainly cuts a dash in the design stakes. Cool and sleek, it’s a departure from the over-engineered, garish orange, blue and silver Gillette Fusion, which seems to sprout an extra blade every month. King of Shaves have bucked the trend, and stuck with four blades.

It appeals to my innate sense of economy, too. In a time when money is tight, there’s something to be said for a razor that costs half the price of its competitors, and doesn’t require a battery to make it work.

So far, so good, then. But what’s it like to shave with? Alas, my divorce from Mrs Blunt means I couldn’t submit the Azor to the toughest of tests (one which even the infamous Prolectix Epliator, with its 36 discs rotating and twisting bunches of hairs together and plucking them from the roots ‘like a large pair of tweezers’ was never really up to).

I had to be content with using it on myself, then. The flexible head certainly seemed to make the razor hug my famously rugged chin much more closely than other razors I’ve used. And four blades were more than enough for the task of removing my ‘Mexican Bandit’ stubble. I hope it wasn’t just the psychological fact of having read all the accompanying hype that made me feel that it did, indeed, produce a closer shave.

I hope I wasn’t mistaken, but I’m sure I got more than my normal share of admiring glances from the barmaids when I sashayed into the bar at The John Laird for my usual post-prandial whisky last night.


Gail said...

Enjoyed your grooming tips Bill. You are now part of an elite band, the blogging male grooming influencers!

Daddy Papersurfer said...

Good - mine arrived yesterday as well - but as I don't need to shave for several days [I'm going through the rugged look phase at the moment] I'm delighted to see that you've had a test run first. I was thinking of trying my razor on a more delicate part of the anatomy ...... pluck DP, pluck .....

Bill Blunt said...

Thank you, Gail. Of course, a true road test would have involved using the razor directly after it had been used on my current paramour's legs. Alas, she wasn't to hand to assist to see just how it would blunt the finely-tuned Azor...

As for DP's suggestion - I have already tried the razor out on the delicate (if still rugged) parts of my anatomy, and can report baby-bottom smooth results. I have refrained from posting the photographic evidence - on this site, at least.

John C said...

Other than the price factor, is this four blade disposable have equal or better quality of use than the competition...and specifically how?

Don't know if they ship out of US or cost, but I'm sick of the electric razor and current ones cost too much here.

Anonymous said...

Blunt Razors? very funny. Reminds me of a sadly defunct takeaway in sydney called The Reject Fish Shop