Wednesday, 24 December 2008

Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow!

Well, it's that time of year when I make my annual posting to a blog that has become - err... just a tad moribund of late.

It's my chance to save a small fortune on Christmas cards, and save the planet to boot, as I bring friends and family up to date with my life over the past year, with the Bill Blunt Round Robin.

First off, apologies are due to Justin, Jasper and Barbara who, by the time they read this, will probably be preparing to open their Christmas presents from their old pa. Knowing their prediliction for popular music, I decided last week to buy them all gift vouchers from that solid retail giant, Zavvi, who have today gone into administration. I have always prided myself on my prescience.

On a brighter note, my friends will - I hope - be pleased to learn that I spurned the dark corner of my soul that almost tempted me to make contact with the ex-Mrs Blunt. Once I had sobered up, and come to my senses, I realised what a favour Tommy Fishfinger had done for me.

But it's been a strange old year. The credit crunch has brought a chill wind to a world that's grown giddy on borrowing. Let's hope 2009 brings a healthier approach to economics and finance. It won't do us any harm. It's A Wonderful Life, really...

So, my condiments of the season to blog readers and writers of the world, one and all!


Crofty said...

And condiments to you too Bill, it's good to hear from you. Don't spend tomorrow moping over Mrs B instead watch telly with your single man's turkey dinner on your lap and look ahead to the New Year.

Best Wishes!

Anonymous said...

Since, at your currently slowing rate of blogging, you will get to read this at Easter 2009, I will refrain from wishing you a Merry Weatherspoons Christmas and instead will wish you a Happy Easter.

Daddy Papersurfer said...

It has been a funny ol' year and yet we're still here managing to laugh and giggle - way to go!!!!

Have a lovely Festive Season young Blunt - what will 2009 bring I wonder?

Anonymous said...

I bit the bullet and invited my ex-husband to xmas lunch - mostly to make it easier for my younger son to see both his parents at the same time. that way he was free to go and get pissed with his mates much earlier.....

hope 2009 is a great year for you Bill xx

Lord Likely said...

Merry Christmas, Mr. Blunt...and may the upcoming year bring you nothing but wonderment and yet more wonderment!

Personally, I intend to spend it completely drunk, so it ALL seems wonderful.


Gail said...

Condiments to you Bill and hope you have a Happy New Year

70steen said...

hope you had spiffing time Bill
Wishing you much happiness in 2009
70s x

Anonymous said...

Moribund is such a precise word and one of which I am found of, but rarely use myself. Happy to see you played Father Christmas. It sounds like you are in fine spirits.

May the coming year be filled with everything your heart desires.

Happy New Year!