Thursday, 21 October 2010

We're All In This Together...

After much trailing, Chancellor Osborne revealed the extent of the ConLib cuts yesterday.

We won't know the full impact of the cuts for a year or two, but all signs point to an increase in unemployment of around a million, destabilisation in the housing market as changes to Housing benefit kick in, and a cull of public services across the board.

Although we're told that 'We're all in this together', it seems as though some are going to be in 'it' rather more deeply than others. As the BBC noted yesterday:

I know where I'll be investing my dwindling pile of cash over the next few months, anyway.

Take a tip, and buy yourself a paddle, while you still can.

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Gail said...

All too true Bill, and when they talk about the wealthy bearing the brunt as well, it appears to be only the top 2 per cent.