Monday, 26 March 2012

Back In The Saddle Again

I am pleased to announce that my son Jasper has kindly agreed to join me in re-vitalising the fridge magnet empire of Wm Blunt & Sons.

When I deigned to return to the old firm, I was hardly prepared for what faced me.  The shop was looking tired, the stock old and faded.  The once-proud history of fridge magnet manufacture that bore the name Blunt had sunk into a dusty backwater.

Well, not for nothing did I spend all those hours last year watching Mary Portas as she re-invigorated old companies and shops.  

And I've called on Jasper to bring Wm Blunt and Sons firmly into the twentieth century - at last people all over the world can examine our wares on the internet.  I cannot tell you how proud I am of this achievement, or of Jasper, who is also turning his design skills to preparing a whole new line in fridge magnet excellence.

Meanwhile, I continue to delve into the family archives, and am constantly amazed by the famous Blunts I am encountering, who can only be an inspiration as I seek to once again put Wm Blunt & Sons on the map.


nursemyra said...

I wait with bated breath. Or should that be baited? ;-)

Bill Blunt said...

I am sure your breath is fragrant, whether bated or baited, Nurse Myra...