Friday, 16 November 2007

Ever so humble...

When, at the behest of my son Jasper, I launched myself into the world of blogs, it was with no thought to the honours that might be bestowed on me.

Modesty almost forbids me from mentioning, therefore, that Bill Blunt's Blog has recently been awarded the coveted Golden C*** of Excellence Award by none other than that scion of upper class virtue, Lord Likely.

Throughout my career, I have always striven to maintain a modicum of respectability. Not for Bill Blunt the easy headlines to be gained by peppering my articles with words like 'Sex', 'Drugs' and 'Rock & Roll'. I think I know my audience, and those I do know are not comfortable with words calculated to cause my good friend, the Reverend Ivan Stang, to blush.

Lord Likely's award more than made up for the panning I got when my blog was recently reviewed by Humor-Blogs.Com.
I can't pretend I wasn't just a tad mortified to have my blog described as "an absolutely snooze-fest". Nor that someone seemed to think that my reflections on my recent marital breakdown were meant to be amusing: "All this person talks about is his wife leaving him. Maybe he isn't whining about it, but geez, I don't want to read about people's marital problems. If I did, I'd read the Enquirer..."

It would be easy to be wounded by such views. Fortunately, years of working in local journalism have hardened me to comments like that. I learned, long ago, that when the constant barbs of criticism are thrust towards your open heart, you need only to turn aside to deflect them.

At my age, recognition is enough.


70steen said...

ooo dear Bill a bitter sweet review, thank goodness I am British and understand you ;-)

sylvie d said...

Bill, congratulations on such award!

I know how it feels...having received my first one last week!

nursemyra said...

are you back to blogging? you were gone so long I took you off my blogroll :-(

ignore the critics I say!


Lord Likely said...

You are worth every inch of that award, my dear Mr. Blunt!

Crofty said...

I might be mistaken, but were perchance the 'humour' reviewers from the US? The poor things do seem rather hampered in this respect.

Anyway, as my chicken - keeping friend Mark might have commented to one of his chickeny mates: nice cock.

Miss Trashahassee said...

I feel slighted. I don't never get no good rewards.

It ain't fair. Ain't fair at all.

Miss T

Crofty said...

Come back Bill - your public awaits. And I tagged you in a meme (he added selfishly).

Lord Likely said...

I imagine Mr. Blunt is still awe-stricken by my marvelous award.