Tuesday, 13 November 2007

Have your cake and eat it

As someone who has become increasingly concerned about my weight, a front page of the Independent newspaper came as something of a relief, last week. Apparently, marginally overweight people live longer than any other group of people. The scientists have given their blessing, it seems, to people being just a little bit porky. It’s better to be a few pounds on the plus side than either obese, thin or ‘normal’ (whatever that means).

I didn’t read the full article, in case the small print hid some kind of caveat or other. It’s quite enough to know that carrying a few pounds more than he should is not going to do Bill Blunt any harm. At the same time, another headline I saw seemed to suggest that exposure to the sun helps prolong life, too. That’s another tick in the box for Bill, then, as I reflect on all those summers spent in the ‘60’s at Juan Les Pins, before Mrs Blunt came along.

When I think about all those painfully thin, pasty-faced scientists who parade themselves on TV, telling us what we should and should not be doing to maintain our health, I can’t help stifling a smug grin. What nightmares must they now be suffering as they tuck into their fat-free cranberry and broccoli yoghurts?

As I savoured the good news (and made a mental note to book a place on that Tuscan cookery holiday I’ve always wanted to try), I couldn’t help but reflect on the wise words of the late Freddy Marple. “Women like a decent set of love handles, in my experience,” he used to say. And there were few men more experienced than Freddy. Before he settled down, his fabled address book could easily have been mistaken for the Thompson Local. Many were the times his friends, at a loose end for what to do on a Friday night, would ask to rifle through those well-thumbed pages for inspiration. It was said of any woman in Stockport that, if she hadn’t been with Freddy then she was probably only visiting for the day.

There’s hope yet, then.


Theresa111 said...

I would love to go on a cooking Tuscany tour, too.

the food inspector said...

Are you trying to imply that Blunty man has hopes of meeting Mrs. Love handles as well?

Good luck on your attempt to plan that getaway trip, but the sun never was a dear friend of mine. I'm more of a vampire Inca if you ask my vampire Inca side. I'm sure the Yogurt drooling Anorexic scientists are fattening up to hibernate as we speak. Not American ones, no, personally I think they fit under the multiple love handles category.

Hey Bill, quick question: What might you have to say about Global warming? Just out of researching curiosity.

misterwoppit said...

I do recall seeing the following notice/advertisement attached to a lamp post by the traffic lights on Battersea Rise:

"Want to lose weight?????

Then stop eating chips."

A little harsh perhaps.

70steen said...

so glad at last that a little bit of 'chunk' is healthy... I am assuming that it applies to ladies as well as you chaps????