Monday, 28 June 2010

Setting the Record Straight

England's humiliating ejection from the World Cup at the hands of our old adversaries means I am at last released (if prematurely) from my temporary contract as World Cup Correspondent with the Andover Gazette.

I've had to bite my blog-lip during this time, but our 4-1 defeat by Germany now offers me the chance to set the record straight about my thoughts on England's chances - before the history books are written and I am misquoted. I for one have always had my doubts about the capabilities of the current England players, their manager and his somewhat perverse team selection. These doubts were underlined by the predictably dire performances against the USA and the mighty Algerians, and a lacklustre 'victory' against the Slovenes.

I've never usually had much of a problem with sub-editors in my many years working in the local, regional and national press. But my experience in Andover has made me wonder whether it's perhaps time to hang up my quill.

My well-balanced and measured observations on England's chances in their campaign were regularly shredded by over-optimitic subbies who managed to twist my words to come up with a headline designed to keep the people of their fair town sweet. It wouldn't have happened at the Stockport Chronicle, I can tell you.

I hold no malice against the England players. I wish them luck as they come back to Blighty, their heads bowed in shame and embarassment. Chin up, boys! You've no real need to fear the future. There'll be an ironic (and lucrative) crisp commercial for one or two of you down the line - and that's worth more than a World Cup Winner's medal, I am sure.

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Daddy Papersurfer said...

Oh dear oh dear ..... and I can't even stand the game ......