Saturday, 5 May 2012

A Slight Sense of Trepidation

I'm not sure what I thought when I first saw the advert for land in my in-box this morning. 

I only know that a shudder went through me, as I recalled my last attempt at booking a flight through Mr O'Leary's website. There are so many boxes to check and uncheck that I wasn't sure at one point whether I hadn't booked a flight but instead bought myself a whole new (unwanted) set of luggage.

So what will the Ryanair Hotels experience be like? If they adopt anything like the business model of the airline, I imagine when you check in you'll be charged extra if you've brought any luggage.   And we'll be asked if we want to pay more for towels, soap and lighting in our rooms.  Breakfast will no doubt be served in some hideous yellow and blue dining room, selected from a menu where each item is individually (over)priced and generally not very appealing.

I think I'll stick to Holiday Inn.

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