Friday, 27 April 2012

Sit Back & Enjoy The Tripe

It's almost five years to the day since I first extolled the virtues of tripe, and wished success to the people at the Tripe Marketing Board in their campaign to persuade the public to eat more of the stuff. 

It's an uphill battle in a fast-food age, I suppose, but that doesn't mean we should turn our back on tripe.  Perhaps as a result of my posting, or perhaps because they simply recognise an afficionado of tripe when they see one,  I am delighted to report that I have now been approached by the TMB (what took them so long?) to act as an advisor and to help them judge the 2012 Annual Tripe Awards

I will of course keep my readers posted.  There's a lot of tripe about - it just seems a shame no one wants to eat it.


Gail said...

I've tried haggis and black pudding but I'm not sure I can stomach tripe, Bill. It's going to need a top notch marketing campaign and a few famous chefs before we soft southerners can consider eating tripe.

Bill Blunt said...

Well, Gail, you don't get much more top notch than the boys at Spaatchcock and Spaatchcock! The Tripe Marketing Board have set aside a huge budget (rumoured to be over £500) for their latest push. Celebrity chef Jamie Fagin has been recruited to help the campaign, according to one source.