Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Expecting Visitors

I was heartened by the number of visitors who popped across to read Bill Blunt's account of his visit to the Dylan concert at the Echo Arena earlier today. Many of them came from Expecting Rain - the most comprehensive list of Bob Links you'll find anywhere.

Call me a shameless old hack, but I know an audience when I see it.

By way of thanks, here's a handy 'cut out and keep' Fridge Magnet of Bob. Time to recycle all those old magnets adorning your fridge, and update them with a Dylan one, methinks.

Sound advice from Bob, too.


Gail said...

Bob seems the next big thing! He's the oldest person to have a number 1 album apparently. A Simon Cowell franchise opportunity, "Britain's Got Old Talent" surely presents itself.

Bill Blunt said...

What an opportunity, Gail! Who would we put up against the US Oldie, though - Elton John?

Theresa111 said...

I miss you! :D