Wednesday, 18 July 2007

Don't Laugh At Me

When I gingerly first set foot in the world of blogs, my friends all laughed when I told them I wanted to add a humorous bent to the otherwise serious world of news. Well, they're not laughing now...

To any doubting Thomas who didn't believe I'd find an audience, facts speak louder than words. It shouldn't be long before I'm welcoming my 6,000th visitor to the blog, and these same visitors have made almost 10,000 'pageloads'. That 6,000th visitor will be as welcome as the first one was. My own distinctive voice (free from all thought of ego and pride) is destined to find a comfortable home on the internet, and will not easily be quieted.

Thank you, readers - new and old. You've made an old man very happy.


Sugar Queens Dream said...

Bill, I am so happy that you are YOU and that you give me insight to all types of issues,even if its for a smile! I love your blog and I keep coming back time after time. You have inspired me to be myself and to tell it like it is even if some don't wish to hear it....
Thanks &

Bill Blunt said...

Thank you, Sugar Queens Dream - long may you continue to blog!

archie said...

Congratulations. It is these milestones which make blogging such a challenge.

70steen said...

Congrats Bill were would we be without you..... you old softy :-)

Mike said...


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MoonDanzer said...

You know how very pleased I am for truly mean a great deal to me!!Best wishes for 10,000 more:)~Jackie

the domestic minx said...

You are a tonic Bill!!
A Gin & Tonic - one of the finest libations in existence, a standard in fact and one of my favourites.

Which sums you up, darling man!!!

Blog on Baby!!!


Julian Syngen-Smythe said...

Will the 6,000th visitor win a prize?

nursemyra said...

and I've fuelled your blog too, just so you know we mean it when we say we love you :-)

Bill Blunt said...

Archie - we measure our respective milestones with gallstones, I hope.

Thank you, 70steen. My soft interior is only rarely glimpsed, but my bite can be a lot worse than my bark, too.

Mike Thomas - I'll consult my hectic schedule and see if I can fit an interview in.

Jackie - I appreciate your thoughts, you thinking woman, you!

Domestic Minx - I shall take your prescription with pleasure.

Julian - lovely to hear from you. I'll see if Barbara can dig out some piece of her contemporary art collection which she might be willing to donate to the 6,000th visitor.

Oh, nursemyra - my visits to the Gimcrack have been few and far between, of late, but I shall return!

Drew said...

Bill, your blogging prowess continues to astound us all. And therefore I have tagged you for the latest in memes.

Daddy Papersurfer said...

Keep it up in all departments Mr Blunt