Sunday, 29 July 2007

Oh, bugger!

Just as I was packing ready for the Blunt's annual trip to Frinton, I learn that the good people over at have scheduled my blog for one of their much-feared 'assessments'.

Having read how they work, I see that they look primarily for quality content ... a nice layout ... frequent postings. Hmmm - that means I'll fall at every hurdle, particularly since I doubt I'll be able to post anything while I'm sunning myself in the East Coast's answer to Juan-Les-Pins.

Timing, as Groucho Marx was always fond of saying, is the secret of good comedy.

Well, as my readers know all too well, I'm not one to cravenly seek awards or flattery from my peers. I've been around the block enough times to know that these things aren't important in life.

I hope, then, that the fact that I have pre-ordered Antisocial Commentary: From the Secret Files of the Mattress Police at the ludicrously low, give-away price of just $9.95 (with FREE post and packing, to boot) isn't misread as some cheap attempt to influence the judging panel in my absence.

I'm not so shallow as to worry in the slightest what others think of my writing. It's enough to know that my distinctive voice, quieted for so many years since I retired from full-time journalism, is being heard again.

The Beagle's still barking for you!

Bill Blunt

Addendum: In my absence, you are invited to continue Fuelling My Blog. Not that I'm bothered, you understand, if you don't.


the domestic minx said...

And there will be howling until you return!!


Enjoy your holiday with Mrs Blunt.. and your book, darling.
You really should be writing your own, you know.
Your sharp wit and piercing prose will have those humor blog types utterly befuddled!!


nursemyra said...

ok bill I've fuelled you up.

now hurry back

Dan said...

They're going to absolutely kick your ass raw.

Just teasing. Best of luck.

Sugar Queens Dream said...

Have fun and come back refreshed! Keep Mrs.Blunt in line and keep her bosom's out of laughters way!

Gail said...

Frinton is such a delightful place though I'm sure the tone was lowered when they allowed a pub to open. Make sure you stake a claim to a pair of sturdy deckchairs.

Daddy Papersurfer said...

Mr.Blunt, a quiet word in your ear if I may. Your missive might be a tad massive - it seems to be taking a very long time to load.
I've used various search engines and the results appear consistent. Have a word with Jasper.
Off on your hols again! Have a 99 for me.

Julian Syngen-Smythe said...

Happy trails, Bill, old friend.

And do not worry, if Humor Blogs dare slander your good name, I will be sure to write them a strongly-worded letter.

And I might even send it, too.

- Julian.

Chris C said...

As one of the reviewers for Humor Blogs I would like to state for the record that aside from a lolcat pictures blog, which is about as fun as a bridge falling down, it is rare that I am befuddled.

As for your review, you've got awhile. Enjoy your vacation! :)

Diesel said...

We're so backlogged it could be decades before we get to you.

That said, ordering my book certainly didn't hurt your chances. Enjoy your break!

70steen said...

I am sure Frinton is enthralling and Mrs B's embrace is ... erm?..... suffocating and your spoon is now somewhat weathered. Did you book further weeks on a discount as the sun shone? Now it is raining surely there is a Wetherspoon's near by you could frequent????

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