Sunday, 8 July 2007

Shoe-ly Not!

I am sure that readers of my blog will be as surprised as I was to learn that there are people in the world who spend their time worrying about Tony Blair's shoe size.

I only know this because of assiduous work by young Jasper Blunt, who has tonight furnished me with his latest report on how my blog is faring in attracting readers.

It makes intriguing reading, I can tell you. Fully 25 % of recent readers stopped by when they searched for information about Durham Miners' Gala. That's fair enough - and, I imagine, one or two more may drop by before next Saturday's 'Big Meeting', as it is euphemistically called.

I'm not sure what to make of the French visitors who were using the power of Google to discover what they could about 'enemas blunt' - and I, for one (on a Sunday night, at least) wouldn't want to pry much further.

It's certainly been a while since the Walthamstow Dog Track Statistics people popped by, however, even if my expertise on the Prolectrix MP3 Player continues to be recognised the world over.

Jasper still seems to think it's something to do with how my posts are being labelled by Tommy Hamburger - so I'll have to have words with him when I next see him. Personally, I just think it's a case of 'talent will out'. I can't, though, pretend I'm not flattered to be the first port of call for people curious about our ex-Prime Minister's shoe size. Who wouldn't be?


archie said...

What a fascinating subject for a blog post. Or should that be, in the modern nomentclatural style, be termed meta-blogging?

I must look into that as a way of padding out my blog on a slow day. This is not, in any way, a criticism of this post. It is, rather, a respectful nod at a creative way of filling a portion of that fearful whiteness of the page which daily stretches before those of us who are forced by nature or circumstance to sully it with the artificial order of verbiage which our readers unreasonably expect. (WOW! I'm so stealing that sentence for future re-use!)

Bill Blunt said...

Johnny Mercer at the Beagle always used to say "Never fear the white page, Bill - that's the editor's job".

He was right. Leave the worrying to those whose job it is, and get on writing the complex sentances.

sylvie d said...

Suppositories...french are simply obsessed with it! I have been the victim of several as a child!...yuck!

Bill Blunt said...

That explains so much, sylvied ... my colleagues at the Beagle often used to call me a 'pain in the ****'...

Daddy Papersurfer said...

More to the point, what is Mr Blur's shoe size? - I dare not Google anymore since the incident when I was trying to find a picture of a private dick.