Monday, 9 July 2007

From Father To Son

I have been reviewing my most recent posts, and I am worried that readers may have formed the impression that I give more of my fatherly attentions to young Jasper Blunt than I do to his siblings, Barbara and Justin.

It's true - Jasper is the bright one of the bunch, always coming up with interesting ideas and theories as to how we might further progress our journey in blogland. He assures me that my debut here has gone well enough, and that's good enough justification for the time and energy I expend.

But I would not like you to think I am on bad terms with the other two. Barbara is the artistic one - a trait, I like to think, she gets from her father. Since leaving art college, she's done well for her self, although her taste in avant-garde video and collage does not appeal to everyone.

Justin is another matter. At the tender age of 42, he is still very much a home-bird, spending more hours than is good for him cooped up in his room, trawling the internet or reading those magazines which he thinks are well-hidden from Mrs Blunt's prying eyes.

Jasper thinks he needs to 'get a life' and, certainly, I can't help thinking it's about time he flew the nest. It's possible I need to give him a good talking to, or at least point him in the direction of those sites that advertise ladies from Russia in want of a husband.

In the meantime, I'll make do with offering him some fatherly advice, I think, of the kind so well captured by Peter Cook and Dudley Moore, in this excerpt from their '60's classic, Not Only But Also. That might do the trick.


nursemyra said...

reminds me of another skit with french and saunders as teenagers talking about reproduction and all the little fishies... do you know the one I mean?

Fanton said...

"It's time we had...a bit of a chat."

I love Cook and Moore. Excellent choice of clip!

Bill Blunt said...

Hmm, nursemyra - I'll have to Google that one.

Yes, fanton - classic humour!

the domestic minx said...

Ahh, these days we have what are called Helicopter Kids, Bill.
They hover about the house, go off on joy rides, but always return to the landing pad. They never really go..
I obviously have a lot longer to keep shuffling the porn back under the bed...

I love Peter Cook and Dudley Moore!!

Bill Blunt said...

The prospect that Justin may use Blunt Mansion as a hoverpad for some years to come is an un-nerving one, domestic minx...