Saturday, 7 July 2007

The Mystery of the Russian Lady

More years ago than I care to remember, I was fortunate to come into possession of a work of art which I love and dearly adore. I'm not normally a fan of the art of marquetry. I've seen too many poorly-executed scenes of ships at sea rendered in blocks of plywood to lead me to think otherwise. But this one's different, made up of carefully razored strips of birch tree.

I know little of its provenance, other than that it was created in Russia (possibly in Kostroma) in 1971.

Now and again, I've idly Googled to see if I could find something similar, in an attempt to find out more about the individual who created it, but never with any great success.

As usual, it was young Jasper Blunt who came up with the bright idea of 'harnessing the power of the internet'.

"Pa," he said, "why don't you post a photo of the picture on your blog? Someone, somewhere, is bound to recognise it!"

Well, it's an idea...

Here, then, is the mystery Russian lady, sculpted in birch bark.

Jasper tells me that, if every reader of this post were to include a link to it in their blog (perhaps even with a copy of the photo) with a plea to their readers to help solve the mystery, then it would be a matter of no time before we knew a little more about it.

Apparently, it's all something to do with 'incremental progression'.

I can't pretend I know what he's on about, except that I think he means it would bring fresh pairs of eyes to the problem.

It's got to be worth a go, I suppose.

So, can you - or your own blog readers - tell me anything more about this picture? Perhaps if you asked them to post a link on their own blog, the process of solving the mystery would be that much quicker?

Bill's waiting...


70steen said...

spookily Tom I have just published on 70steen my cementing of my lifes passion of art in 1975 .... so I will trot off and link your lady

Bill Blunt said...

May be this the start of the unravelling of the mystery, 70steen... thank you so much.

Daddy Papersurfer said...

You are shameless Mr.Blunt

MoonDanzer said...

Well now daddpapersurfer I wouldn't say that....but, I would say it is a small stroke of genius on our dear Mr. Blunt's part. yes sir...I will publish and link on The Painted Veil. I do believe I will get a better response there than on my political blog. Lovely execution as always!!~jackie

Bill Blunt said...

Thank you, moondanzer ... much appreciated.

Shame is not a word I use very often, daddy papersurfer, as I think you well know. Particularly when it comes to a plug.

Drew said...

A very interesting piece of art. I have no idea where it hails from or where to find out more about it. We shall see if the power of the Internet can solve this mystery.

Bill Blunt said...

Whatever you can do to help is much appreciated, Drew!