Thursday, 5 July 2007

Schmoozing to Victory

I can't for a minute think why the admirable sylvied has accused me of being a Prize Schmoozer. Perhaps the people over at Fuel My Blog have the uncanny ability to anticipate future postings on blogs that are part of their great family? How else would she know I was just in the process of fessing up how I schmoozed my way up the Empire State Building during a study trip to New York a few years ago?

Whatever the reason, I'm not a man who easily spurns an award. However much I dislike publicly displaying my achievements, it is a brave man indeed that accuses Bill Blunt of being churlish.

Thank you, then, sylvied. I have spotted my own top 5 schmoozers while out and about in blogdom recently, and I'm pleased to nominate them for the same award:

The fine people at Green Communications who, being in PR, could teach us all a thing or two about schmoozing

My old drinking companion, Julian Syngen-Smythe who is a schmoozer of the finest order

Next up, someone who I think may be quite good at schmoozing - I hope she is, anyway, as it would come in handy for the interview she had today. I know she's a little 'memed out' at the moment, but hey, what's another when you've still got three to complete, Shinade?

Jonathan Beckett, over at Plugged Out: The Life & Times, looks like he should be a schmoozer, even if he isn't.

Finally, I know for a fact that Thomas Hamburger Jnr is one of the world's biggest schmoozers - I've seen him in action at cocktail parties from New Hampshire to New Brighton. In truth, he's one of the few individuals whose schmoozing can be described as positively emetic, which is quite an achievement, I am sure you will agree.


Daddy Papersurfer said...

Sylvied is very generous with her awards - I am wearing mine with pride.

Bill Blunt said...

Perhaps we can have a schmoozathon sometime, dp?

Ærchie said...

I find that I am one of natures naturally unsuccessful schmoozers

Daddy Papersurfer said...

I think it's already happening Mr Blunt, and quite rightly too!

Bill Blunt said...

Don't worry aerchie - stick around the party (keeping out of the corner, of course) and you'll soon get the trick.

I didn't think you'd noticed, dp ... by the way, is that a new truss you've been buying? It seems to improve your posture no end.

Shinade said...

...thank you so very much...I will post it right now..I am honored!!~jackie