Thursday, 7 June 2007

Cap Still Doffed

Entries to the 2nd Fuel My Blog Caption Competition, which closed at midnight on Tuesday, kept the panel of judges (especially selected from retirement homes across Southern England for the occasion) busy into the early hours with their decision-making.

I hope you agree that they've come up with a fine selection of worthy winners.

HIGHLY COMMENDED - daddy papersurfer

" And this is the delete button if you use a hammer".


"Wouldn't it be easier to buy the rum for the Ratings in bottles, Bursar?"

THIRD PLACE - Lord of Wealth
"Are you absolutely sure this new voting machine will give Bush 50.1% of the vote?"


"I have no idea what these are for, Number 1, but those WRANS seem to enjoy them."

- renalfailure
"Captain Larkspur readies himself to draw this week's Powerball number".

The usual judgly-platitudes accompanied the results: all the entries were quite worthy and witty, but somebody had to win, etc etc.

Anyway, well done everybody, and I look forward to receiving entries for this week's competition.


Jon Allen said...

I missed that Fuel my blog competetion.
I must watch out.

BTW they have changed the widget for FMB
you need to update it to work with the new process they have.
(I just update my widget )

Bill Blunt said...

Thanks Jon! I'm still a tad itinerant at the moment, but hope to be back at Blunt Mansions sometime over the weekend, where the sound of widgets being updated will be heard from my workshop!

I'll also be getting round to judging last week's Wordful Wednesday competition!