Sunday, 3 June 2007

The Gnashing's Over!

News in from the smoky small-holdings of Lincolnshire, where the smell of weeds burning in a heap of soil lends an earthy tone to my final post of the weekend.

An old drinking partner of mine from my days at Beyond The Boundary magazine has just made his debut on the blogosphere. And a very fine debut it is, if I may be so bold as to say.

The author is a man who, back in 1994, stunned publicans across Oldham with news of his engagement to a Lincolnshire lass. Once he was 'withdrawn from circulation', some observers estimated that as many as 125 jobs were lost in the pub and brewery sector of the town in the months and years to follow.

His sage advice on vegetable growing looks destined to bring a whole new dimension to blogworld - filling a palpable void that has hitherto had seasoned allotment holders gnashing their teeth (and in some cases, their dentures) in frustration. They need gnash no longer.

May I introduce, then, MysticVeg.


Daddy Papersurfer said...

MysticVeg has come on to the scene a little too late for me. As you know, Mr Blunt, I am leaving my acres shortly and will only have a balcony.I wish him well and hope that many people digg him. I'll pop in every now and again and sigh wistfully.

Bill Blunt said...

It's a brave man who accuses Bill Blunt of becoming over-emotional, so if I wiped a small tear from the corner of my eye when I read your comment, it must have been a reaction to the onion bread which Mrs Blunt has just taken out of the oven.

Your wistful sighs will strike a chord amongst all those whose acres have shrunk as they have got older, dp.

Crofty said...

Conversely, as I approach my Saga years, I am pleased to look forward to my verdant acres and burgeoning vegetable barn (once I've managed to work out how I'm going to become rich enough to pay for them).
I look forward to fruitful correspondence as we compare the sizes of our marrows, not least because he of good Oldham stock.