Wednesday, 20 June 2007

My Word!

Entries to the 3rd Fuel My Blog Caption Competition, which closed at midnight on Tuesday, kept the panel of judges mildly amused for a bit. Bussed in especially for the occasion from Bertha Street Allotment Association, the judging session diverted the panel from the internecine battles taking place locally.

I hope you agree that their selection of winners is a fine one...

HIGHLY COMMENDED - renalfailure

" What do you mean I'm adopted?!".

HIGHLY COMMENDED - renalfailure

"The Strom Thurmond Playhouse presents the most racist version of Guess Who's Coming to Dinner ever performed... starring Joaquim Phoenix in drag."

THIRD PLACE - Mystic Veg
"Dorothy felt ill at ease. George had brought his weird looking children with him again."

SECOND PLACE - Lord of Wealth

"Despite her pleas of innocence, Jack still believed Doris had an afair with Bobo."

- Kevin D
"I think he is ready to go stay with Michael Jackson.".

Of course, the judges claimed that ALL of the entries were witty and pithy and kept them chuckling: I think they need to get out more, personally.

Well done everybody, and I look forward to receiving entries for this week's competition.

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Lansy said...

How about a say in "Let Go" MeMe?

Do check it out! :)