Monday, 25 June 2007

Random Things About Bill

Matthew Didier, over at One Old Green Bus, has tagged me. My views on tagging are well rehearsed, so we won't go into it here. Perhaps it's because, as a child, I was always just a tad over-weight, but I always seemed to lose out when it came to games of tag.

Well, Matthew's looking for 8 Random things about me. Regular readers of my column will know that Bill Blunt is an open book, so you may already know some of these tidbits.

  • I wasn't really a little over-weight as a child
  • I was once almost arrested for stealing a piece of New York's Empire State Building (there's an innocent explanation, honestly)
  • I love pesto
  • When I was interviewed last by BBC TV News my hair was a little longer and less greyer
  • I am hopelessly addicted to Seinfeld and My Name Is Earl
  • I was once suspected of stalking Glyn Ford MEP (there's an innocent explanation, honestly)
  • I recently came into possession of a huge amount of piano sheet music (there's an innocent explanation, honestly)
  • By a hair's breadth, I managed to escape becoming Mayor of Daventry (my proudest achievement to date)
The singular pleasure of passing on the baton now falls to me, as I finger 8 other bloggers who must (at pain of death or, the very least, a minor headache, perhaps) similarly list 8 random facts or habits about themselves - as per The Rules, set out at the foot of this posting).

First up, an old friend of mine (and I do mean old) who has recently discovered the joys of blogging. As I already know everything in the known universe about Mystic Veg, I'll be intrigued to learn which 8 facts he filters out for public consumption.

Then, I think I'd like to know more about Larry Hnetka. After discovering his blog recently, I imagine he's the kind of person who would be delighted to be tagged. He's got some interesting things that make him go 'Hmmm' on his blog, so I would encourage you to drop by.

Next up, perhaps Cat would let us in on a few secrets, over at UltraJam? Although her views on long-term welfare recipients couldn't be further from my own, she posts some interesting thoughts on law enforcement (and I trust she takes a lenient view towards UK citizens who came close to being arrested on their last trip to the States).

Non-English blogs can sometimes be hard work, especially if, like me, you are shamefully unversed in foreign languages beyond the 'I'm afraid your beer disagrees with me, where is the gentleman's lavatory?' stage. But I can encourage you to take a look at a very intelligent blogger over at Pensamentos. It's worth the use of the Portugese bit at Google Translator now and again, I can tell you, and I'd be keen to learn more about the author.

I'm wimping out at this point, but will doubtless return with four other candidates in due course. You have been warned!

A reminder of the Rules:

One: Each player starts with eight random facts/habits about themselves. Two: People who are tagged need to write their own blog entry about their eight things and post these rules. Three: at the end of your entry, you need to choose eight people to get tagged and list their names/pseudonyms/blogs. Four: Don’t forget to leave them a comment telling them they’re tagged, and to read your blog.


Julian Syngen-Smythe said...

I want to hear all of these' innocent explanations', Bill. And they'd better be GOOD!

- Julian.

Bill Blunt said...

Julian - good to hear from you, as ever. A man of my reputation always has to be careful what he 'whips out in public'. As we have both learned (to our cost) the scandal-sheets can be so unforgiving of a young academic and his journalist pal found wandering the streets of a European capital the worse for wear. If only we'd had a few 'innocent explanations' up our sleeves then!

I think we have both learned that discretion is the better part since those halcyon days.

Cat said...

Ahhhh Bill Blunt! I finally deciphered your tag comment. Please give the brand new blogger a break! I'm quite excited about this and am on the case...

Larry said...

Your comment initially landed in my spam inbox. Your oh-so proper British request to participate in this meme has convinced me to do so. Am curious as to where you chanced upon my weblog? Will list my 8 random facts about me in my next entry. Will be back to read more of your blog as well.

Bill Blunt said...

cat - we await your 8 facts with interest and trepidation

larry - if I could recall how I found your blog, I'd hold the secret to the blog universe. As it is, it was possibly a random 'find' - but what a gem to stumble across! Looking forward to reading your 8 facts!

the domestic minx said...

You are, and continue to be, an enigma, Bill...

I want some explanations.
I will feed you pesto in return..

Bill Blunt said...

Pesto is the way not only to a man's heart but also to his nether regions. I am sure it must be something to do with the warmth of the basil. I'm convinced I must fess up further on some of my 8 Facts ... but I will have to choose my language carefully, or else risk arrest by the US authorities, exposure of my appearance on TV, the wrath of a perfectly good constituency MEP, and the ire of the good people of Daventry (if not of Kettering).

Thank you so much, dm.

Larry said...

Have finally revealed those 8 habits/facts about myself. Upon re-reading my entry, one habit/fact I should have listed is that I do tend to yadda yadda blah yadda far too much in my posts.

Bill Blunt said...

That's great Larry - I'll hurry Hmm-wards right now!

the food inspector said...

hey bill and his internet friend...

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yours truly,

the food inspector