Tuesday, 26 June 2007

Rocket Fuel

Those who have followed Bill Blunt's emergence in the blogosphere will know that I'm not much one for plaudits.

I've plied my trade as a professional hack for too long to be worried about what the so-called 'experts' think. Not for me the razzle-dazzle of awards ceremonies, with their attendant free nosh, drink and floozies. I'd much prefer a pint down my local, anytime.

However, now and again, it seems, the outside world takes note of Bill's musings. Jasper tells me that I've just made 'Blog of the Day' at that wonderful website, Fuel My Blog, where you're always (in the words of the song) 'Just one click away from reading a great blog'.

I can't pretend I'm not flattered, of course. FMB, as it is affectionately termed by those who love it dearly, has recently had a bit of a relaunch, and I use it extensively to discover what new delights may be emerging in the world of blogs.

It's a pleasure, therefore, to be noticed (again). Forgive me if I pour myself a slightly larger than usual tumbler of whisky tonight, then.


Shinade said...

Way to go my old friend. Of course it's not exactly like you're a virgin. I have seen you there many times. and, deservedly so. Now I must go fuel you!~Jackie

Bill Blunt said...

Well, howdy-doody Jackie: a whole new blog you've got yourself there! It will be on the list of candidates for a Big Up, I am sure!

Daddy Papersurfer said...

An example to us all Mr Blunt - your modesty becomes you

Bill Blunt said...

Thank you, daddy papersurfer. I do try my best.

the domestic minx said...

And I will use your well deserved fame to enjoy another glass of Shiraz, dear Bill!!

Well done!
And I am not surprised.
I have fueled you heartily, I must say, deserving as you are of my rocket fuel!!


Bill Blunt said...

I hope, Domestic Minx, you know how much I have appreciated your fuel, precious as it is. And I am naturally pleased that I have been able to afford you some thin veneer of an excuse for yet another glass of Shiraz.

Miss Trashahassee said...

Bill Blunt,

I reckon I'll have to go add some fuel, I reckon.

You reckon?


Miss T

Miss Trashahassee said...

Mr. Bill,

The "Rocket Fuel" link ain't workin!

Is it a trick link? Did you set me up for failure?!!

Help! The paranoids are coming after me! Help!

Miss T

Bill Blunt said...

Well, Miss T, thank you for trying. I think there are a few gremlins over at Fuel My Blog this morning!