Monday, 14 May 2007

Thank You, WBC!

More seasoned Bloggers than I will know that the pressures of writing a daily blog can be great. Children may go unfed; jobs may be neglected; wives may be deserted. But the blog goes on.

Never let it be said that Bill Blunt is afraid to blow his own trumpet. Just minutes ago, I learned that the World Blogging Council have awarded me one of their prestigious (and highly-coveted) Awards. At moments like these, the unfed children, neglected jobs and deserted wives truly seem worth it.

As is the unfortunate fashion, I must of course thank a few people who have helped me along the way to this singular achievement. Thomas Hamburger Jnr is first in line for the bouquet (even though he is now accusing me of somehow preventing him writing his griping tale of a family which, even after 85,000 words, steadfastly refuses to be found). I trust the word 'churlish' is springing to his mind.

Next, my dear old mother who, at 102, I still hope might yet become the world's oldest blogger (although she's got a long way to go yet).

It would be remiss of me not to thank my dear, dear wife, whose love of shopping has meant that I have had many free hours to compose my blog posts. Wally Green, my long-departed mentor, would also have enjoyed today - had he still been alive to witness it. I like to think that his spirit is hammering on the side of a massive web-fed rotary offset printing press somewhere, in appreciation.

And, of course, my sons Justin and Jasper who each, in their own way, have helped me master the technology of the internet. Not to forget my daughter, who has made her own way in the world of art, making the name Barbara Blunt a by-word for t-shirt sloganeering over the last two decades.

But none of this would have been possible without you, dear reader. Your faith in my prognostication and your ability to see beyond the mixed metaphor has given me a new lease on life. Even just today, I was dusting off the notes for my autobiography, Fatha, Get The Coals In which, when it was rejected by every publisher except Lacklustre Press in 1989, seemed destined for the remainder shelves. Not any longer! With the imprimatur of the World Blog Council, it may yet reach a wider audience.

I shall go to sleep with a smile on my face tonight - and I don't care what Mrs Blunt has to say about that.

Thank you, WBC, for making a disgruntled old man very happy and, if anyone else is seeking World Blogging Council endorsement, I can only suggest you visit their site and see whether your blog measures up to their exacting standards. A small token of your esteem (preferably used and non-consecutive banknotes) seems to do the trick.


Daddy Papersurfer said...

Congratulations on having your mediocrity recognised - well done!

Bill Blunt said...

As Wally Green used to say: "mediocrity will out".
Thank you, dp: I trust you aspire to that same level, and I hope the lovely people at the WBC realise it too.

Anonymous said...

Oh Bill, I'm so pleased for you. You truly deserve this much sought after prize.

My very best wishes to your Mother and the rest of the family. I know they've been behind you in all your endeavours.

Rose Bud

bizwhiz said...

“A mediocre idea that generates enthusiasm will go further than a great idea that inspires no one.” ... Mary Kay Ash


Bill Blunt said...

I say, I do like that one, bizwhiz. Thanks again for your help with the tips on blog design. I'm sure it helped sway the judges at the WBC!

nursemyra said...

you have a daughter?

this is news to nursemyra

Bill Blunt said...

Yes, indeed - although Barbara's wayward ways and determination to study modern art did, for a time, cause something of a family rift. We're now reconciled, I am pleased to say.

nursrmyra said...

*phew* the relief.

does she have a blog?

One Wacky Mom said...

Congratulations! I am duly impressed. You have actually won..I not yet. This is a fun blog. I really like visiting this!

One Wacky Mom said...

Some people do not get my humor....sarcastic and stupid sometimes it may be...but I would like to link in to you because it makes it easy to visit my friends. However, I may not be good enough for you. Tell me what you think? You are a WBC award winner...I not yet.