Tuesday, 8 May 2007

The Searchers

I've had a report in from Jasper about How People Find Your Blog. I thought, at first, he'd been asking my readers for their opinions about the blog, which would have been interesting.

Instead, he presented me with a statistical digest, culled from something called Statcounter, which made interesting (and sometimes frankly bizarre) reading.

According to Jasper, my humble blog comes out at No 1 on Google for people who search for stats for walthamstow dogs. I know I mentioned Walthamstow Dog Track on an earlier posting, and I am sure I must have used the word 'stats' here and there since I made my debut on the blogosphere all those weeks ago. But it left me wondering whether the poor visitor who chanced upon my blog after his (or her) Google search really imagines that I am the world's foremost authority on dog racing statistics for the north east London venue?

More alarmingly, I discovered that I am ranked at No 2 on Google for a search on Oldham prostitution - this, apparently, on the basis of some comment or other I made about a Waterloo Street massage parlour I was vaguely aware of some thirty-odd years ago.

I was less surprised to learn that I am a world expert on the prolectrix 1gb mp3 player, (at least according to the Romanians) and I hope whoever visited the blog to find out my views on it were satisfied with my opinion.

As I read more of the details, I will let you know of any other surprises in the small print. Until then, I can only offer my apologies to those who have come to read my thoughts thinking, perhaps, that I am some sort of guru on dog racing, tarts and mp3 players.


Enumerator said...

I just searched google for "pedicure+tuna+palermo" and there you were - but only second. You must be slipping, Blunt old chap.

Bill Blunt said...

You're right, enumerator!

It seems that www.elderhostel.org is a better authority than me on the subject of where to get a tuna sandwich while having a pedicure in Palermo.

Something about that pedicure smells fishy to me - maybe that site owner have just included those terms to get a high page ranking on Google?

Daddy Papersurfer said...

Sorry, Mr.Blunt, I've forgotten what I was going to ask. Nice to have something to click though.

Bill Blunt said...

Don't worry, dp ... your contributions are like finely-honed advertising slogans. And just as they say that 50% of the money spent on advertising is wasted (but no-one's sure which 50% it is), so you leave us intrigued...
That's why you are always welcome over here at Bill Blunt.