Friday, 18 May 2007

Back - as Bold as Ever!

My critics may have been grinning slyly to themselves thinking, perhaps, that my distinctive voice had been quieted. Well, I have news for them! Mrs Blunt and I have had a few days away from Blunt Mansions - of which more, later. This interrupted my usual habit of e-mailing a post or two to Thomas Hamburger to put up on this blog on my behalf. The weasel-tongued critics were wrong - and not for the first time!

The one pleasure of returning home is that I will be able to spend a little time catching up on my favourite blogs. Over the last few days, my fingers have been itching for the keyboard, to find out the latest happenings at the Gimcrack Hospital, the recent findings of my old friend, Professor Julian Syngen-Smythe from the historical goldmine that is the Journal of Lord Likely, as well as my new friends in the Papersurfer family. Not forgetting, of course, one of my first internet pals, the estimable Crofty. And not forgetting the interesting Mr AG Articles, and that fine curmudgeon, Archie.

However, a few e-mails were awaiting my return, and these demand my prior attention. Work before pleasure is a maxim that has served me well in my working life. I just wish it hadn't served Mrs Blunt quite so well in her private life.


Daddy Papersurfer said...

It's good to have you back [and your front]. Our lives were on hold. Was it birthday treats?

Bill Blunt said...

How did you guess, dp? My birthday only comes once a year, but it's become a firmly established tradition in the Blunt household that we have a day or two away by way of a treat for Mrs Blunt. Given my own way, I'd happily stay at home while she went off for a few days.

Julian Syngen-Smythe said...

My wife insists on being present during my birthday too, which I feel rather clouds the celebratory nature of the day. Tch.

Anyway, great to have you back, Bill!