Wednesday, 9 May 2007

Help, I Need Somebody!

I have never been a man who was afraid to admit my technological weaknesses. In my later days at the Birkenhead Beagle, I well remember the excitement when our first ever Amstrad PCW's arrived, as we gamely got to grips with the language that was Locoscript. Patience and a lot of assistance from the helpdesk meant that we eventually cracked it (even if poor old Johnny Mercer never did understand that a Macro could be more than just somewhere you could buy cheap booze).

I can laugh at those days, now. Perhaps that's why I so much enjoyed this clip, sent to me by Jasper this morning?


nursemyra said...

my mother sent me this a couple of days ago. It's hilarious, especially the bit at the end when he's stumped by the book being upside down.....

all a bit too close to the bone for us technologically challenged luddites

Thomas Hamburger Jnr said...

Indeed, I can almost feel the bone being scraped. But if we can't laugh at ourselves, we'd just have to laugh at other people (like bureaucracts, immoderate moderators and the like).