Sunday, 27 May 2007

A Milestone

I know Thomas Hamburger Jnr will excuse me asking him to post this latest missive on my blog, but sometimes a man must cast his bushel aside and bask in the glow of the light that shines.

Earlier this evening, Jasper rang me, excited to let me know that Bill Blunt's Blog is currently languishing at the number 25 spot on Fuel My Blog, the website that has done for self-promotion what Buddy Holly, Jim Reeves and Glen Miller all did for air travel.

Only a matter of a few weeks ago, my blog languished at number 87, a position I see is now held by an interesting blog by Loretta.

Someone quite famous once said that a month was a long time in politics. If that's the case, then in the world of blogs it's an absolute age. Of course, Francium's position in the periodic table hasn't changed - some things in life are immutable. And it's quite feasible that Rodney Atkins has slipped from the Billboard Top 100, his fame waning even while my own grows.

It's a harsh world out there. Anyone who (even now) admits otherwise is storing up trouble. I'm not a man who usually brags, but I have been pleased to watch my quite distinctive voice develop during my time on the blogosphere.

From Francium to Manganese in one month. I don't think I'll sleep tonight.


the domestic minx said...

Congratulations and Bravo Bill!!

You'll be Gold soon!

And there'll be no sleeping then!!

I will keep those blog fires burning for you by adding my daily click...

Bill Blunt said...

Thank you, as ever, domestic minx.
I must confess, as I gain on my old pal Thomas Hamburger Jnr, it gives me a certain pleasure (and I hope, as his protege, he gets some small pleasure, too).

Julian Syngen-Smythe said...

Well done, Bill!

You always were quick to rise, as I recall. If you know what I mean.

Do you? No? I don't, either.

- Julian.