Wednesday, 30 May 2007

I Doff My Cap

Entries to the inaugural Fuel My Blog Caption Competition, which I was proud to initiate last Wednesday, continued to trickle in throughout the week.

This week's hastily-assembled panel of judges have had a tough time of it. Cloistered away for the evening in the opulent (if slightly noisy) surroundings of the Widnes Travelodge, they have nevertheless managed to come up with what I hope you agree is a fitting selection of worthy winners.


"This is the book you want, sonny, Sue Your Barber: Embarrassing Hairstyles And The Law".

Teacher: "Can you read out loud this piece of text for me?"
Boy: "Goethe was a great poet....."
Teacher: " No, "oe" is pronounced "ö".
Boy: "Göte was a great pöt

THIRD PLACE - sylvied
Let's see what the word "couilles" means in french shall we dear?

SECOND PLACE - daddy papersurfer
"And you've wanted to be a cockatoo for how long?"

- karen
"Blog, BLOG!, no, no young man the future is surely to go forward and use this wonderful modern reading material called paper in the form of what I like to call a book!"

Of course, the judges have asked me to add the obligatory load of nonsense about all the entries being quite worthy and witty, but we know that's only platitudes, don't we?

Anyway, well done everybody, and I look forward to receiving entries for this week's competition.


Daddy Papersurfer said...

A grateful second to a worthy winner.

sylvie d said...

I am so proud! thanks for a great competition!

Drew said...

A very nice first outing on Wordful Wednesday

Bill Blunt said...

Thank you, drew - and continued good luck with your 'Blog For a year' campaign.

Anonymous said...

But I missed it and I've already put a few caption up for that one.
Bill, you're recycling. That is not on!
Please keep me informed in future.