Saturday, 26 May 2007

Brotherly Love (II)

Strange are the workings of the mind. I was recently walking by Sefton Park in Liverpool, one of the many delightful areas of that fair city, when I chanced upon a sign that got me thinking.

Somehow, as soon as I saw it, the song 'Brother, Can You Spare A Dime?' came to mind. It's a powerful song, encapsulating the ups and downs of life as mirrored in America's Great Depression, and I heard it most recently when performed by gay icon George Michael. And a good fist he made of it, too.

Don't get me wrong: I've never been the biggest fan of Mr Michael. I remember when (some many years ago) young Jasper came home once with a strange haircut. He told me it was modelled on one sported by George Michael at the time, and I began to understand why everyone was banging on about banning GM crops.

But Mrs Blunt likes some of his music, and my daughter Barbara decided to buy tickets for a forthcoming GM concert at the euphemistically-named Council House in Manchester for our recent wedding anniversary.

None of this explains, however, why Mr Michael should have sprung to mind when I saw this sign:

According to Jasper, Fuel My Blog are running another of their wonderful competitions, this time offering a trip to Hollywood for the winner. He thinks I should enter the photo with a suitably pithy caption. And, if I were to win, I could even visit the actual Beverly Hills toilet where the alleged incident took place.


Daddy Papersurfer said...

'GM crops' - best line I've read for ages! Actually, it's not a line is it? It's a phrase. 'GM crops' - best phrase I've read for ages.........[only in context, of course - on its own it's not remarkable at all]. Sorry, been shopping with the TG.

Bill Blunt said...

Thank you, daddy papersurfer. I try my best.

Crofty said...

I do love a junior school snort; which is exactly what happened when I read this post, requiring the application of a tissue to the screen to remove the tea that was sprayed there!

Bill Blunt said...

Sorry about the screen, Crofty. I'll ask Jasper if he can recommend a decent cleaner - he always seems to be polishing his with a Kleenex these days.