Wednesday, 9 May 2007

Bill's Top Tips: #2 Save Yourself Half An Hour of Time (Every Week!)

In its heyday, The Harry Enfield Television Programme was able to showcase some of the finest comedy genius of its era. Together with Paul Whitehouse, Enfield created some genuinely funny characters that have stood the test of time.

Harry's career then seemed to drift into some sort of strange abyss, while Whitehouse's star eclipsed that of his former sparring partner by soaring into the heavens via the vehicle of The Fast Show and the quite sublime Happiness, which charted one man through the stormy waters of his mid-life crisis.

So, the news that Enfield and Whitehouse had re-united once again in Ruddy Hell! It's Harry & Paul should have been the signal to cancel your night out down the pub, or at least to learn how to operate that new DVD recorder you got for Christmas this year.

Instead, the show is a lame and pale imitation of their past work. A mere toenail on the giant of comedy they once were. Whitehouse's star has been dragged down into the Enfield abyss, and not the other way round, as we might have hoped. It is quite simply an unfunny show (which is always, in my book, the sign of a loser for something that purports to be comedic).

My Top Tip for this week is: don't bother watching Ruddy Hell! It's Harry & Paul. Save yourself half an hour of your life, instead. You'll thank me for it.


Daddy papersurfer said...

I agree and I didn't like the first time they hit the screens either I'm afraid - Deal or No Deal is far more stimulating and goes very well with the first malt of the day. This is getting like a confessional.

Bill Blunt said...

This trip to Vienna sounds like more fun the more I hear of you, dp ... shared values (if only to a degree) and I, too, like to re-play last night's episode of Deal or No Deal first thing in the morning.