Thursday, 10 May 2007

Nostalgic Yearnings: Not For Me!

I've never much been one for raking over the past. As Bob Dylan once said (quite frequently, in fact) Don't Look Back. It's a philosophy that has served me well in my dealings with life to date.

But when I had a call at Blunt Mansions yesterday, I couldn't help but reflect that sometimes there is a proper place for nostalgia. "Bill," they said, "I've searched the internet in vain for any of your old articles for Beyond the Boundary. Couldn't you throw a few on your blog, for old-times sake?"

It's a couple of decades since I penned those articles. The political landscape has changed almost as much as the girth of Mrs Blunt. And if my time at the knee of Wally Green taught me anything, it is that 'old news doesn't sell'.

So I'm not entirely convinced my blog readers will really want to pore over articles culled from what was, I must admit, the best football fanzine of its generation. But, I suppose there's only one way to find out.

Here's one from what I consider was my finest hour - when the magazine took a stand on the issue of censorship. I was proud to lend my distinctive voice to that campaign.


nursemyra said...

Bill "Suspicion" Blunt... it has a nice ring to it

Daddy Papersurfer said...

If you are wavering, a quiet chat in the confessional might help.

Bill Blunt said...

Thank you, nursemyra. I hardly ever use it, of course. People find it a little err ... suspicious that I should have a middle name like that. I can only think my father was a great fan of Alfred Hitchcock.

dp - I shall be right over.