Monday, 21 May 2007

Looking Back

Last night, I spent the evening in quiet reflection on whether my debut in the world of blogs has been worth it. At a time in any project, just as in one's life, one needs to 'take stock' every now and again.

I wondered whether it is all, actually, worth it? At such dark moments of the soul, I usually find a glass or two of scotch helps the process along enormously. That's all it takes to get Mrs Blunt nodding off, and out of the way so I am free to pursue my exploration of angst alone, and undisturbed.

How to measure whether it has been worth it? Now, there's a tricky one. I decided to stop by a couple of websites and blogs I had mentioned in my time, so see whether my own contribution had made one iota of difference to the world.

My first port of call was at the website of Rob Wilson, a local artist chap of some considerable talent who I gently plugged in an earlier column. It's hard to know whether my brief mention of his work led to a rush of punters to his door to buy his finely-crafted works. As I hold no brief for Rob, I can tell you that, as a result of my posting he re-instituted the picture of a pigeon atop of his head on his home page - so, at least, I did have some small influence somewhere along the line. I do hope he continues to flog his pictures too, though.

Next, I dropped in on those interesting people who are hoping to buy an old double-decker bus and restore it, to see how they are faring since I mentioned them here. Unfortunately, their site is temporarily unavailable, so I can't tell whether they have raised enough dosh and have closed down, or whether they need a little more cash to feed their blog meter. A shame, as I was feeling quite sentimental last night and could easily have been persuaded to throw a couple of dollars their way again.

Finally, I wondered about those pig tarts. Since I published my first piece about them, the local campaign in Dorset has gone from strength to strength. I like to think my own, still voice has helped the campaign along a little.

Was it worth it? I think so.


Daddy Papersurfer said...

Pull yourself together. Of course, you're worth something and Mrs Blunt adores you. She might not show it but she does.

Bill Blunt said...

Thank you, dp. Unfortunately, I have come to fear Mrs Blunt's love most when she shows it.

nursemyra said...

and thanks to you I went back to look at the pigeon that was missing on my last visit :-)

Gail said...

Elizabeth Hurley is a sure fire winner to drive traffic to a blog, perhaps Mrs Blunt could be persuaded to pose in some of her swimwear? The robin and pig tarts sound delicious, no wonder they were a winner.

Matthew Didier said...

Nope, we're still here... or there... or however you look at it.

We are still having some server difficulties, but are working through it! Try us now and we should be visible...

If not, it may require more drastic measures in fixing... in which I'll need an altar, a live chicken, a black cloak... after that, it gets rather complicated!

...after all, ain't blogging grand?

Bill Blunt said...

nursemyra - I think Rob may have visited your blog. He realised, at this point, that resistance was futile, and re-instated the pigeons.

gail - wise words, indeed, regarding Lix Hurley. Less so, your suggestion regarding Mrs B and her swimsuit. The lifeguards at Filey still talk of the day she paraded herself on their beaches.

matthew - so glad to see you are back, and in such fine fettle. I tipped my hat in your direction with a small monetary consideration which may just purchase a wing nut or two.

Julian Syngen-Smythe said...

Whenever I begin to doubt my own self-worth, I like to stand in front of the mirror, stark naked, and yell, "I AM JULIAN! HEAR ME ROAR!"

It is usually at this point that I am kindly asked to leave the fitting rooms, and ejected from the department store. Oh well.

Keep up the good work, Bill.

- Julian.