Sunday, 29 April 2007

Ticket to Ride

Just occasionally, the internet reveals a little wonder or two that gets your mind thinking.

A Canadian couple have (apparently) discovered a battered, old, green double-decker bus hiding in California. Since they found it, they've nurtured a dream of buying it and restoring it.

Call me an old romantic fool, but it was on top of a green double decker bus that I first caught the eye of the future Mrs Blunt. She was a little slimmer in those days, of course - nowadays I doubt she'd even be able to squeeze up the stairs. Time takes it's toll on all of us, I'm afraid.

Perhaps it was that memory which led me to making a (small) donation to help Matthew and Sue reach their dream?


Matthew Didier said...

Bows... Many, many thanks... I'm adding a link to my blog back and thanks for sharing the memory too. Your blog will be on my "daily reads" for sure!

Bill Blunt said...

You are very welcome, Matthew. Let's hope there are a few more soppy romantic buffoons around who help you along the way.