Sunday, 1 April 2007

Sometimes you just wish they'd include a diagram...

Those fine people down at Aldi tempted me to purchase a so-called digital voice recorder yesterday. In it's tiny frame, it claims to hold as much as 155 hours of speech. According to my calculations, that's more than Mrs Blunt and I have spoken in our almost 40 years of married life.

The so-called 'instructions' included the kind of gibberish normally associated with a Babelfish translation.

ET-880 connect PC from USB, PC shows U disk after 2 seconds ... open to need file that you put it copy the record file of ACT format into your computer ... Converted WAV file that the player of offering of the operating system or support WAV too

Grappling with how to work the thing proved too much, in the end. I fear it may be destined for a return journey to Aldi, where it will doubtless be purchased by some young techno-geek who understands that kind of language.

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