Friday, 27 April 2007

When Moderators Get Mad!

Readers of my recent post on the role of Moderators in internet forums will doubtless be interested in some further developments on the site in question.

To the sound of egg-shells being crushed under size 9 boots, another Caption Competition has been the subject of the Moderators' attention.

I do need to declare an interest at this point, as the photograph was posted in this instance by none other than my brother, Colin Blunt. Those who are aware of the history of our family will know that there is no love lost between my older sibling and myself. Our mutual hatred and dislike has developed over a number of years, and our contact with each other has been very much at the level of the occasional (not always even annual) Christmas card.

Nevertheless, it's a brave man who accuses Bill Blunt of walking away from an issue. As I am not strictly on speaking terms with Colin, I cannot at this stage say that he knows that his photograph has been 'quarantined' for examination by site Moderators. In that sense, it hasn't been the subject of posts being removed or anything quite so severe. It is merely unavailable for viewing.

So, I can only speculate why this apparently innocuous photograph has been (hopefully only temporarily) removed.

Is it that the hairstyles sported by these dashing young boys are offensive?
Does the policeman's cheeky grin give a less than serious impression of our wonderful constabulary?

There is a suggestion - and it is only that - that this picture of a stadium fire at Leeds United in the 1950's might bring to people's minds the terrible tragedy that happened at Bradford in the 1985, and that it may therefore offend the sensibilities of some people.

I have lived, I must confess, a relatively benign and sheltered life. Perhaps, though, I am luckier than I thought. I have always been able to separate out fantasy from reality: to laugh at things while still showing a proper respect for people who might have been more unfortunate than myself.

And though it may have been a year or two since he sent me a Christmas card, I know the same holds true of my big bro, too.

At the end of the day, it will have to be you, the reader who judges this. But I hope it won't take the wisdom of Solomon to do so.

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