Wednesday, 11 April 2007

A Setter of Trends

I see from this report from the Office of National Statistics, mentioned in passing by the BBC, that my son Justin is something of a trendsetter.

He's one of an increasing number of children who are resolutely refusing to fly the nest. In my day, we couldn't wait to leave home, such was our desire to explore and experience the world beyond the boundaries of our narrow life.

Nowadays, apparently, it's positively unusual for youngsters to move on. The high cost of independent living, their inability to boil even an egg, and a life cosseted by Play Stations, TVs and even fridges in their bedroom mean they're more than a little reluctant to make the leap.

The report makes salutory reading:

In 2006, 58 per cent of men and 39 per cent of women aged 20 to 24 in England
lived with their parents. This is significantly higher for both men
and women than in 1991.

National Statistics: Social Trends No 37
Well, I have news for the trendwatchers. Julian is coming up to 42, and shows no signs of forsaking Mrs Blunt's regular fare of toad in the hole on a Friday night. No amount of financial inducement has altered his position. As he sees it, he has a life tenancy in the attic room at Blunt Mansions, and he's not about to surrender it easily.

Perhaps if the right woman comes along - and we live, Mrs Blunt and I, with that constant (if slowly diminishing) hope - he will be tempted away. Until that time comes, I suppose I must just accept that, in the words of the '60's legend Bob Dylan, 'The Times They Have A Changed'. But it doesn't make it any easier.


nursemyra said...

have you tried having sex on the couch (with mrs. blunt of course) while he's watching tv? or even walking around naked in front of him?

the moving out option might look more attractive then...

Thomas Hamburger Jnr said...

Alas, nursemyra, though your advice is welcome, I fear it is too late.

Bill tells me that his days of walking around Blunt Mansions without attire were sadly curtailed after the police received several complaints from passers-by. The resulting injunction is framed and visible in the hall-way for all to see, which he likes to think is 'an ironic touch'.

As for the sofa - he tells me it is from IKEA, and he fears for its stability should he attempt any activity of the sort you mention. He shudders at the thought that Mrs Blunt's already quite sizeable monthly chiropractor's bill might increase still further.