Thursday, 12 April 2007

Of widgets

My youngest son, Jasper, has been continuing to monitor what he calls the blogosphere and promoting my new blog enthusiastically amongst his friends. He says they find it 'post post ironic', which I take as a compliment.

He reports that, for about an hour on Tuesday, my blog even made it into the coveted Number 1 slot in the News & Politics category at a site called Fuel My Blog. While checking, he noticed that the site is running a competition to design something called a widget. He is nothing if not game, so he's e-mailed his own contribution through to Thomas Hamburger, who has assured me it will accompany this posting.

Jasper has kindly assigned the widget to me, so that if I win, I get the prize of a blog consultation from Better Business Blogging, and the chance for the winning widget to feature on Fuel My Blog's site in the future. Thomas Hamburger has checked out Mr White's site, and assures me a good once-over of my blog is just what it needs.

Wish me luck!


nursemyra said...

cool entry jaspar :-)

Carol said...

How cool is that!! I think that I will now go and fuel your blog to give you another boost.

Thomas Hamburger Jnr said...

Thank you, Carol - you are a saucy temptress by the looks of things, and I am sure Bill will be tempted to fuel your blog, too!