Sunday, 13 May 2007

To be noticed is a wonder

Young Jasper was at it again, with another of his almost-legendary reports, yesterday. While his brother watched Eurovision, he was hunched over his PC checking for any and all references to Bill Blunt out there on the net.

Well, the news is good. The weekend controversy over my forum ban drew a record 259 pageloads from 129 unique visitors. Perhaps that's why the prestigious World Blog Council is currently 'considering' my application for membership of their august organisation?

Similarly, although I have yet to receive it, Jasper tells me I was awarded an Awardie a few weeks ago.

He muttered something about 'vanity publishing' when he threw his report at me in disgust. It's a brave son who accuses his father of being vain, so I'm glad he only muttered it.

1 comment:

Daddy papersurfer said...

I do hope the WBC gives due consideraion to your application. I fear that I won't get a look in, so haven't bothered. Sons.............huh!