Friday, 4 May 2007

When The Line's Not So Fine

How pertinent that it should be the day after the English local council elections that I read the story of campaigner, Nigel Allen.

According to a newspaper report, Nigel's wife was stung by a £60 parking fine when she accidentally parked her car outside the white lines on a council-owned car park in Darlington, County Durham. Nigel says his wife had parked next to a huge 4x4, and the remaining space was so tight she had to park a couple of inches over the line.

But plucky Nigel Allen isn't letting it lie. He took his tape measure to the car park and discovered that the width of each bay was just 2.1 metres. Thanks to the power of the internet, Nigel found that the Government had issued guidance that bays should be a minimum of 2.4 metres wide. He's challenging the fine - and good luck to him!

What really got my dander up was the reported comments from 'A spokesman' for Darlington Borough Council:

"The figure of 2.4 metres is not Government legislation, it is only guidance. The car park belongs to us and we can set the spaces out the way we choose."

I sincerely hope whichever wretched 'spokesman' uttered those words is made to eat them with a hearty plateful of tarmacadam someday. I could almost be persuaded to pay £60 to watch such a spectacle.


Daddy papersurfer said...

The terrible Goddess always carries a tape measure with her and , I must say it's jolly re-assuring sometimes [unless it's a bit chilly]

Bill Blunt said...

She wouldn't be the first woman I encountered who thought that an extra 0.3 metres made a difference, dp. I do so hope she takes it with her if she ever had the misfortune to have to park in Darlington.