Tuesday, 22 May 2007

8 Random Things About Bill Blunt

Just when I thought it was safe to hide in the corner and rest my quill a while, I discover that my fellow curmudgeon Archie has also tagged me, this time to tell the world 8 random things they don't know about me. I have spent an hour or two writing a couple of dozen things down, and I have asked Mrs Blunt to draw them randomly from my late Uncle Jesmond's old cloth cap which we keep in the back of the sideboard for those occasions when we are asked to be random.

  1. For a brief period I kept a cree of pigeons
  2. I lust after leek pudding, a dish rarely seen on any menu these days
  3. I am inordinately proud of my three fine children, but I would never tell them that to their face in case they developed inflated egos (which I consider to be one of the worst vices in humankind)
  4. I have never been awarded a state honour
  5. I won the 1956 Fitton Hill Junior's 'Most Mischevious Metaphorist' competition
  6. I quit smoking in 1979, 1984, 1989, 1993, 2005 and 2006. I plan to do so again later this year
  7. I am starting to get addicted to the quite enchanting writings of The Domestic Minx and worry that Mrs Blunt will discover this at any moment
  8. I once almost had the chance to steal a plaque from the Empire State Building
As I am now all tagged out, I do not feel in all honesty I should tag anyone else. While I understand this may condemn me to rot in some kind of dungeon in the blogosphere, forever cast aside for my 'bad form', it's a risk I am prepared to take.


Andrew Goulding Articles said...

Re: (2)

Billy Blunt: Leek Pudding

Andrew Goulding: French newsreader Melissa Theuriau

To each his own.


Daddy Papersurfer said...

I guessed all those facts except the one about being proud of your children.

nursemyra said...

I love a new collective noun. we too have a cree of pigeons at the Gimcrack. I just didn't realise it before

archie said...

78.63% of all collective nouns are like the 86.29% of statistics which are made up on the spot!

the domestic minx said...

Oh dear...a light has been shone on our furtive scratchings...

(I do hope Mrs Blunt isn't reading this...)

I must say I found your eight raw and random exposures rather titillating, Bill...

I do hope our romp at Frinton is still on...

Crofty said...

Whilst your expose (why can I not put the accent over the e?) is highly interesting, I am worried at the, casually inserted, fact that you allowed your Uncle Jesmond's cloth cap to languish, unworn, in the back of a cupboard.
Cloth caps are the headgear of Northern heroes and to be worn with pride atop a thinning thatch and grizzled phiz. Don't let the baseball cap win the cross continental hat battle.

Bill Blunt said...

Indeed, you are right, Crofty. The cloth cap is something we should be proud of.

Incidentally, I was looking to buy young Jasper one of those caps I sometimes see youngsters wearing these days, but try as I might I could only find them with peaks at the front. Where do these kids buy the one's without peaks, and the special neck guard?